About Us

O’Live Organic Spa and Holistic Wellness is here to provide a sanctuary for all things healing and positive.
An ideal environment for one’s physical, mental and spiritual renewal. From the scent of organic oils, fruit and herbs
through natural, earthy interiors, the ambiance and kind energy transports you to a realm of inner peace and balance.

Monika Emad – Owner

We believe the path to well-being begins with the treatment of mind, body and spirit in a relaxing and nurturing environment. O’Live Organic Spa provides holistic skin, body & healing treatments that are effective and detoxifying without compromising their eco-friendly roots. We focus on a full scope of rejuvenation, relieving the damage caused by environmental factors and modern-day lifestyles. Our organic mixtures, creams and oils are healthy for your body yet powerful and nourishing for your skin.

O'Live Organic Spa - most recommended holistic spa in NYC Midtown: Gramercy, Flatiron and UnionSquare Areas.